When are Horse Inspections Required?

From the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s Inspection Requirements and Fees page: All horses must be inspected for brands or other proof of ownership at the following points.  Both branded and unbranded horses must be inspected.  Change of ownership inspections for horses are not required but they are recommended, especially if the horse is branded. 

  • Before leaving Washington state.
    Exception – horses may be moved out-of-state without an inspection if they are destined for a public livestock market in another state where WSDA brand inspectors are stationed to perform inspection for Washington horses.  At this time, this exception only applies the Lewiston Livestock Market in Lewiston, Idaho and the Northwest Livestock Commission in Hermiston, Oregon.   Horses must be accompanied by a Washington certificate of permit (haul slip) and one of the markets above must be listed as the destination of the horses on the haul slip.

  • When offered for sale at any public livestock market or special sale.

  • When offered for sale at any open consignment horse sale.

Coggins Testing

Coggins Tests check for Equine Infectious Anemia, This is a disease transmitted by Horseflies and deerflies and cause recurrent anemia and fevers and at this time has no cure. It is not transmissible to humans or other livestock, only equids. Coggins are required prior to interstate transport and may be required by show organizations or boarding facilities. It is recommend as well that any animal purchased from a feedlot or without known history be tested. Tests are valid for 6 months to a year depending on the use. Testing requires collection a small amount of blood and having it evaluated for antibodies to the disease. Coggins turnaround time from the lab can be as long as 10-14 days, so plan appropriately.

GVL Electronic Health Certificates

I offer electronic health certificates so you can always have your documents at your finger tips through a phone app. This also allows for a 6 month health certificate (EECVI) for many states (not Oregon) as well. Oregon currently only accepts 30 day health certificates electronically. Your Coggins will be uploaded into the system as well along with pictures of your horse.

Brand Inspections

Washington is a Brand Inspection state, this means that your horse may need to have proof of ownership evaluated (with or without an actual brand) for travel or sale. To have a brand inspection performed, you will need to provide proof of ownership, a bill of sale, regsitrations papers etc. Please be sure to have the paperwork ready prior to scheduling a brand inspection or additional fees may apply. Brand inspections are performed on either an annual basis or lifetime basis. They can be used later as proof of ownership if the horse is sold.

It is recommend that you get a bill of sale for any horse you purchase and you can find an WSDA Equine Bill of Sale